Friday, October 8, 2010

10/8/2010 - Final Presentation

Before I go into any details let me take a quick second to wish my beautiful daughter Tori and VERY HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY .... I miss you little one and papi is coming home soon.

Today Chris and I gave our final presentation to PSI and they loved it.  I feel we were spot on with our assessment of their current organization (we did sort of pseudo SWOT analysis) and our recommendations were just want they needed.  After the presentation many people came up to thank us and say this is exactly what we needed to do and they needed to hear.  We're feeling pretty good right now.  The only thing we have left to do now is finish up our guide to building a management information system.  We're sitting at about 70% complete so we should be OK.  AH, BTW ...we also had the chance to do a couple field visits.  We visited another construction site where PSI was teaching workers about TB and we went to a TB clinic which PSI refers people to.  Very interesting.

After work Chris and I went back to the hotel and then joined the group for dinner at UB City (a posh upscale patio area full of different restaurants).  We chose sushi for the night and it was great.  He and I celebrated with a Kingfisher.  Excellent way to wrap up a busy but an extremely productive week.   Here's a picture of me presenting.  Until tomorrow everyone.
Giving an organizational analysis to PSI

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