Thursday, October 7, 2010

10/6/2010 - Finishing Up Work, Shopping Night

Today Chris and I achieved a major milestone; we completed our first draft of the final presentation.  Tomorrow we are going to run through a practice run with our official PSI contact, Neeraj.  We're also advancing nicely on our final document and are confident we'll have everything ready by 10/14.   The only bummer about today was both Chris and I were not feeling well.  But PSI took really good care of us.  They brought us wholesome food and even provided us with coconut water which apparently helps ease a queasy stomach.   Nice.

After work the whole gang went to a store called Mother Earth.  The sell organic, free trade items.  Some of us spent a lot of money, while others were able to control themselves.  After the shopping extravaganza we went back to the hotel and had some pasta.  We also received a nice gift from our prework leader Martin from Switzerland; a nice box of chocolates.  Good way to end a good day.  Later.
Vacation or work? Who can tell?

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