Thursday, October 14, 2010

10/12/2010 - A Day in Delhi

Today was by far the longest day of work for Chris and I.  We started our day at 4:30am.  Quick shower, no breakfast, pickup at the hotel at 5am and caught a 7am flight to Delhi.  We made it to the gate just in time, just like true Indians.

We arrived Delhi at 9:30am, grabbed a quick bite to eat and proceeded to PSI’s headquarters to chat with the managing director (president) and meet some other people.  Their headquarters were really nice.  They took an old mansion and converted it into office space.  We met a few other people and then around noon went on our field visit.

Our visit was an eye opening experience.  We visited a C-class neighborhood.  C-Class implies they are just above Indian poverty levels.  The streets were tiny and filled with people.  I didn’t get a sense that people were suffering.  On the contrary, people seemed to be generally happy.  I imagine a society based on the caste system will do that.   Anyway, PSI was teaching women about birth control (particularly IUD).  They put on a play that attracted quite the audience.  After the play they targeted a young Muslim woman for some 1 on 1 consoling.  PSI asked if we could join the discussion in their home and they said yes.  It was incredible.  Its experiences like these that can change a person for life.  

After the field visit we went back to PSI headquarters and did our presentation again for the president and his direct staff.  Once again Chris and I did a great job.  We’re pretty confident PSI will be adopting our recommendations.  At 5pm we went back to the airport, grabbed a 6:45pm flight, and were in our hotel by 11pm.  A very long day.
Field visit with PSI - IUD education

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