Monday, October 11, 2010

10/10/2010 - Movie Buff

Hello everyone. So it's 10 / 10 / 10 today and I heard this is the day where a big surge of couples get married at 10AM.  Strange.  Today was the first day during this whole ordeal where I felt I had some down time.  The morning started out with some shopping.  I can't tell you what I bought because it's a surprise to my family..but I can tell you I'm all done.  It's a good feeling.

After shopping I actually found myself with about 4 - 5 hours of down time. So what did I do? Caught up on my normal job's e mail.  Sent emails to friends and family.  Just plain relaxed.  At about 8 pm I met with the team and we went to another movie.  I've now seen three Indian movies in less than three weeks.  That's a lot more 'movie-watching' than I do at home.  This time we went to see the Indian mega-hit The Robot.  It stars some guy named Rajinikanth (who is a mega star).  The movie is also the most expensive Indian movie of all time.

So the $20,000 question is ....."Was it good?".   In my humble opinion I'd have to say no.  Way over the top. Instead of taking a comical approach like Daabang (first movie I saw), this tried to be serious.  There's one part in the movie where the robot wants to mate a human (female) and create robosapiens.  What the hell?  Below is the poster for your enjoyment since I didn't take any pictures today.  Take care.
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