Monday, October 4, 2010

10/4/2010 - Back to Work and a Nice Dinner

Mondays aren't my favorite days.  They're the days where I feel (intellectually speaking) at my low.  I actually avoid meetings at work and try to complete as many solitary tasks as possible.  Today however was a total exception.  I think that Kabini / Mysore trip charged me up.   Maybe I needed the fresh air or 5 minutes without hearing a horn.  Who knows.   Anyway .. I put in a solid day at work.  Chris and I are advancing nicely on our final deliverable and we should be set for the final presentation next week Thursday. 

Tonight I was fortunate once again to go out with the IBM India team.  They took me to a place called the 13th floor (located on the 13th floor of a building) which had a spectacular view of Bangalore.  We sat out on the balcony and had a very enjoyable meal.  They also presented me with a gift.  A rosewood sculpture of a deer and a fawn.  My daughter is going to love it. Later.
(Left to Right) Thiru, Dan, Priyanka, Rajesh, Bobi

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  1.'s one of the best company in the world to work for...& for god shake dnt compare this Brand with TCS or Infy...they have to live more then 100 yrs to be like what IBM owns...!!