Sunday, October 3, 2010

10/1/2010 – 10/3/2010 – A Weekend Getaway

I’ve just returned from a very enjoyable and relaxing weekend.  I feel rejuvenated; ready to put in a good week of work.  So here’s the summary of the weekend...

Friday > Left Bangalore for Kabini at around 2pm and drove straight there without making a single stop (it's over 5 hours).   Good thing I went to the bathroom beforehand.  We arrived roughly at 7:30pm, checked into our rooms.  We then met a the dining area and had an Indian buffet style dinner and  watched a movie on tigers.  We called it a night early.
Road trip!!!!
Saturday > 6AM rise and shine.  It’s safari time.  I was sharing a room with Chris and it took every ounce of our will power to drag ourselves out of bed.  I just don’t do 6AMers.  Anyway, we had some coffee and made it to our safari truck.  The safari itself was great; my first one.  We saw a lot of deer, birds, monkeys, bison, squirrels, and of course elephants.  In fact, we were charged by one.  It was scary.  After the safari we did breakfast and got to hang out with some school children which was very cool.  After that we went to our rooms and just chilled out for awhile.  At 2pm we met for lunch and then at 3:30pm we did the evening safari.  Saw the same as the morning except for some wild boars.  No tigers or leopards L.   Dinner after that followed by a team gathering over some drinks.  It was a really good day.

Grumpy elephant

Sunday >  6AM again.  Yippee.   Instead of a ‘land’ safari, we went on a boat trip around the lake.  We saw all kinds of birds.  But the best was seeing a herd of nine elephants.  After the boat ride we had breakfast, checked out of our rooms and proceeded to Mysore.  At Mysore... we visited a temple which is considered to be South India’s largest.  After that we hit / toured Mysore Palace (very cool) and after the tour we gathered on the bus and went back to Bangalore.  
At Mysore Palace entrance

Again, it was a very relaxing trip and the bond between our team is even stronger.  Until tomorrow.

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