Sunday, September 26, 2010

9/26/2010 - Causalities of War

Today started off pretty normal.  Had breakfast and later discussed to-do plans for the day.  It was just Katja (from Denmark), Chris (UK) and myself.  We decided to walk around Ulsoor Lake (nearby the hotel) and then go see a Bollywood movie.  Katja sent a text to the team asking if they wanted to go to the 3pm showing.  That's when we found out almost everyone on the team was sick.  Most were staying in their hotel rooms near a bed and bathroom.  The three of us felt lucky.

At 3pm we decided to go to the movie.  It was called Dabangg. Talk about over the top action and acting. It was 2 hrs 10 min long, spoken in Hindi, but I was never bored.  It was not what I expected in a Bollywood movie and you can definitely see the Western influence.  The few dance scenes they had in the film and the music itself were excellent.  Ah, another thing to point out  ... before the movie they played the Indian national anthem and all were required to rise.  Strange.

After the movie we grabbed a coffee and then went back to the hotel.  That's when I became the next causality of war.  I developed a slight fever and called it a night at 7PM.  We'll see how I'm doing tomorrow (fingers crossed).
Sacred cows at Ulsoor Lake

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