Sunday, September 19, 2010

9/19/2010 - Learning and Exploring ...some more

Today was a bit more formal than yesterday.  We promptly met on the terrace at 11AM to go over logistics, security, and formal introductions.  First, the hotel manager (Sunil) introduced himself and explained how things like laundry and food service function at the hotel.  Next, a representative from IBM came by and explained all the security proceedings and where we should and should not go in the city.  And finally, we ended the meeting with some formal introductions.  Kabi and John (our project lead and guide) led the way and both have fascinating backgrounds. Then each of us took our turns talking about our families, work, and hobbies.

After our meeting we went to have lunch at an Indian-Muslim restaurant where I tried some of the best goat meat I've had in my life.  I washed down the meal with some drink they call sweet lime soda.  Basically it's lemonade with some carbonated water.  Good stuff.

We then proceeded to go to some of the markets ... and it was really cool.  There were so many people and shops.  I found myself immersed with different sounds, colors, and smells I had never experienced before.  You had to be very, very careful walking around because 1) you could get hit by some sort of transportation vehicle and/or 2) you could get lost very easily.  We all decided the next time we venture out like this we are going to wear the same colored tee-shirts.  I took a quick video so you can see for yourself.  ~Dan

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