Thursday, September 23, 2010

9/22/2010 & 9/23/2010 - Working Hard

Well, I made it about 10 days and fell off the post-once-a-day bandwagon.  Darn it.  Actually, the next few weeks, during weekdays, is going to be pretty bland.  Just a lot of office work as Chris and I pound out our deliverable for PSI.

There is a strong potential  for field visits to Vizag  to witness HIV & TB testing clinics and to Delhi to meet senior managers at PSI's headquarters.  PSI would also like to send Chris and I by train to remote sugar cane fields to see how PSI teaches HIV and TB awareness to farmers.  To get there we'd need to take an overnight ride.  Exciting.

To tell you the truth I'm pretty exhausted right now.  The last couple days we've been putting in some long hours (9AM - 7:30PM) and then, as a CSC group, we go to dinner and normally don't get back to the hotel until 11PM - Midnight.  I think after this month I'm going to ask for some vacation to catch up on sleep. 

Here's a picture of Chris and I at PSI and the work area they have provided and a shot of us working with Pinki.
Dan and Chris' home for the next month
Chris, Pinki, Dan trying to 'figure it out'

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