Thursday, September 16, 2010

9/15/2010 - Made it to New Delhi

I finally made it to Delhi.  The flight wasn't that bad.  It was a 777 so each seat had it's own LCD to watch a small set of movies.   I managed to watch Robin Hood (with Russell Crowe) ... I don't recommend it, the A-Team, even worse than the TV show, and Broolyn's Finest ( with Ethan Hawke / Richard Gere), which was pretty good ... a lot like the movie Crash with all this different plots going on.  I also caught up on some reading and finished through about 25 sudoku puzzles.  

I arrived Delhi at 9PM and finally made it to my hotel at 10:30PM.  The drive over was really interesting and here is my first impressions of India:  Orderly chaos.  The drive was nothing less than intense as the cab driver weaved in and out of traffic and even took a couple buses head on.  Sheesh. But you know what?  Things move.  It's not like everything is at a standstill.  It's almost as if everyone knows what everyone's next move is.  Quite remarkable.  I also found the mix of old and new structures very interesting.  For example, at one point the driver tells me .. "Hey look, on the right, that's a new stadium" and then two seconds later ..."Oh and there's an old temple".  But the best was seeing three elephants in the middle of the highway.  Now that's something I'm sure I'll never see again.

I wasn't able to get any pictures during the drive over as it was dark out and the taxi was moving pretty fast, but I did get a quick snapshot of my hotel accommodations.  I only get to spend a few hours there as I have to leave at 3AM to catch an early flight to Bangalore.  Over and out ~ Dan
Hotel Ajanta in downtown Delhi

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