Friday, September 24, 2010

9/24/2010 - TGIF!!!

One week down, three to go.  Time sure is flying and in one way that's good but in another it's bad.  I'm a little worried we won't have enough time to finish the project given its complexity.  Oh well, like good IBMers,  we'll find a way :-).

Today we arrived PSI at the normal time (a little after 9AM) and stayed until 6:30pm.  Chris and I are making a good progress but we still have a few, key unknowns we need to figure out.  Hopefully next week we'll get those taken care of.  On a side note, PSI gave us our own shirts and hat.  We plan to wear them during field visits.

After work we went to the hotel to meet the rest of the team and go out for dinner. We had to postpone our plans for an hour because it was raining very hard.  I know you people in Minnesota can more than relate to that .. and I hope everyone is safe and doing OK.   Anyway, to 'kill' time I decided the get a Henna Tattoo.  I told the lady to design me anything she wants.  So.... she designed some sort of sun that I'm now stuck with for the next two weeks.  Oh well .. the whole purpose of this thing was to become culturally immersed, right? 
My first and only Henna Tattoo

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